The following are files that many people claim to be written by Adam Sandler, but are not! The reason for this deception is because some guy made a web page called 'Adam Sandler's Web Page,' althoughhe is not Adam. Many of these files were found on his page. Neither Adam nor that guy wrote these files. They have been floating around the internet long before they showed up on the imposter's web page.

The mp3's are parodies that people attributed to Adam. None are actually the product of Mr. Sandler.

I am posting this files just because Lots of people email us for this stuff. And we want you to know that Adam Sandler does NOT have a web page written by himself. The official Adam Sandler page can be found here. It is maintained by friends of his from college.

10 Things That Piss Me Off
The Word "Fuck"
Candybar Sex

Gay Per View (1.3 MB)
The Pot Song (2MB)
Fuck the Macarena (4.2 MB)
Severe Beating of a Pokemon
(598 KB)

Masterbator (Parody of Macarana)

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